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            (...)What was I gonna say? Okay, yes.. so;


Do you remember..? Like really remember? Or did the memory already take on an identity of its own? Has it become something other than the event from which it sprung? 


Something Other Than..


Like a game of “Broken Telephone”, where the players take turns whispering a sentence into each other’s ear, till the meaning becomes something other than the initial message.


Something Other Than..


Maybe we are all unreliable narrators of our own memories. 

Swimming laps, back and forth in the brain pool, trying to create systems, rules and logic. To carry something which is fleeting into its next stages. Revisiting and rendering with all of our senses, trying to grab and preserve before it slips through the gaps.  


Something Other Than speaks to new accounts of past events - memories, independent from what they represent. The exhibition moves on the diagonal through memory’s grid. It examines how we perceive, store and articulate the impressions and events that flow through us, how they glitch and warp and live on.


Built on top of memories of Bridget Riley, Agnes Martin, Carla Accardi, Dara Birnbaum, Peggy Phelan & Rosalind E. Krauss.

'Something Other Than' at C4 Projects.

Musical composition by Frederik Heidemann.

All photos by Brian Kure.

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